First Bite at the Boulder Cork

First Bite - Prime RibFirst Bite is always an exciting and busy time for us here at the Boulder Cork. One of the best things about it is that it gives our chefs an opportunity to really let their imaginations run wild. While Chef Jim is already quite creative in the kitchen, with specials changing constantly, First Bite is a unique chance to develop a truly stellar menu from start to finish. This year we’re thrilled to be offering a lot of local foods as part of our First Bite Menu, including a butternut squash soup made from squash from Munson’s farms and a braised Triple M Bar Ranch Lamb. We also have our classic prime rib, with a side of our much-loved smoked mashed potatoes; a sauteed trout with polenta; a delicious yellowfin tuna; and dessert choices that will leave you wishing you could sample them all.