Sake Salmon With Ginger Soy Butter Sauce

For The Salmon

Six 7-80z. salmon filets

3/4 cup sake

3/4 cup mirin
1 T fresh ginger minced

Combine and marinate salmon in the refrigerator for 4 hrs. or overnight.

Ginger soy butter sauce

1 shallot thinly sliced

1 T fresh ginger minced

1 T vegetable oil

Saute above ingredients until tender .

Add  the following ingredients and reduce to a little less than a cup.

1 orange juice and zest

1/2 cup sake

1/4 cup mirin

2 T rice vinegar

2 T soy sauce

1 T sweet soy

1 T hot dry mustard

1 t ground ginger

2 T honey

Reduce and whisk in 1 T cream and 1lb. of unsalted butter that has been cut into small pieces  one piece at a time.

Grill salmon and spoon sauce on top of fish .

Serve with steamed rice and stir- fried vegetables.