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Management & Staff

Combined, our management team has nearly a century of experience in fine dining.

Alan Teran, Owner

“The restaurant business is always changing; that’s what makes it challenging and interesting.” –Alan Teran, owner

Alan Teran | Boulder CorkA long-time Boulder resident, Alan has owned the Boulder Cork since 1981. He credits his highly experienced team and their ability to work together as a large reason for the Cork’s continued success throughout the years. With a trusted team in place, Alan is able to pursue one of his biggest passions: travel. By visiting restaurants both nationally and internationally every year, Alan is able to learn from and adapt the ideas of others in order to make the Cork better. “It’s important to understand who you are; you find your niche and you do it well,” Alan says. Alan has always enjoyed working in the full-service restaurant atmosphere and loves to use his experience and travel to continually improve the Cork. He feels the constantly changing restaurant industry forces him and his team to stay on their toes, always looking to improve, and that’s what he loves so much about the restaurant business.

Donna Karmeris, Manager

Donna Karmeris | Boulder Cork “The team here is like a family.” –Donna Karmeris, manager

Donna has been a part of the Cork team for more than 30 years. She began as a hostess after working in several other restaurants. Despite planning on staying in Boulder for only a year or so, she fell in love with the area and has lived here for 33 years. Donna enjoys the family-like atmosphere among the team at the Cork, and her flexible hours let her pursue her many hobbies, including lake kayaking, tennis, gardening, hiking and just spending time outside in general.

Sean Gonyea, Assistant Manager

“I enjoy the camaraderie the management team shares, and appreciate how well the team works together.” –Sean Gonyea, Assistant Manager

sean webSean, a Wisconsin native, came to the Cork as a backwait in 1997 and worked his way through a number of positions at the restaurant before becoming assistant manager about eight years ago. His experience in the restaurant industry, though, extends back 27 years to when he was 15 and took his first job in a restaurant. Like his fellow Cork employees, Sean enjoys the camaraderie the management team shares, and appreciates how well the team works together every day. In his spare time, Sean enjoys hiking, trail running, riding his bike and bringing his dog, Rollie, on as many adventures as possible.

Caitlin Smith, Assistant Manager

“I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants, and the team here is better than any other I’ve worked with.” –Caitlin Smith, Assistant Manager

caitlinwebCaitlin has been a member of the Cork team for 1.5 years, but has been a part of the restaurant industry since she was just 8 years old as part of her parent’s business. The Cork was the first restaurant she visited upon moving to Boulder five years ago, and she joined the team as a server prior to working her way into the assistant manager position. Caitlin loves the synergy of the Cork management team, and also really enjoys the family atmosphere the restaurant has created, with long-time customers becoming like family. She is passionate about supporting local farmers, and loves the Cork’s farm-to-table philosophy. When she’s not managing or bartending at the Cork, she’s entertaining at her new home, trying out a new recipe, catching a show at Red Rocks, or spending some time painting or drawing.



"The Cork is a special place. It\'s locally owned and operated by people who care and know how to run a successful enterprise."

~ Indulge Magazine

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